About the village

We are a community village that combines fun, soul, simplicity with nature.
The land covers an area a little larger than 150 acres
(620 thousand square meters) including two ridges in a jungle that is less than a mile away from the pacific ocean.

Between the two ridges, a stream flows throughout the year. The land is situated between Montezuma and Cabuya, 25 minutes from Santa Teresa and 15 minutes from Cobano (a town that has banking and commercial services, large grocery stores, etc.)

People of the village

To live a slower life, connected to nature, life of a community that believes in everyone’s freedom but advocates a life of good neighborliness based on transparency, honesty, respectful partnership and mutual help.


News in the village

Updates ands stories from Beija Flor village.

Stay tuned 🙂

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