Community Village In Costa Rica

Beija Flor Village

• community • nature • wellbeing •

Between the jungle and the Pacific Ocean, universal & local blend of people share a vision of a community based on the values of friendship, transparency, connection with nature, and the understanding that we can create our own reality and lifestyle by creating an educative space for healthy, active, spiritual, communal lives at harmony with nature. Where individuals can live a fulfilling and simple life surrounded by nature and meaningful relationships. We aim to foster a sense of connection and community through shared values, experiences, and activities.

We envision the village as a place where individuals can grow their own food, live in harmony with the environment, and find peace and rejuvenation through holistic practices. We believe that by embracing simplicity and living in close connection with nature, we can create a community that prioritizes well-being and happiness.

We are creating the foundations of the village for you to come and inspire the land with your dreams.