News in the village

A lot is going on!
So we now have multiple teams working on the project.

We have the infrastructure team, completing the most important water approvals for the entire village, working on extending the road (the most important place where the road goes down and up to the valley has been completed),
and continuing the master plan.

In addition to this we have began contracting the main architect for the communal areas (the buildings that we are all going to share).
This project is quite large, and we have decided to start it early on to give life and energy to our village and we wanted to start implementing the vision.

Our investors have received a very thorough outline of the coming year, which types of houses they can build, estimated costs according to type of house etc’.

In addition to this, we are aiming of hosting a medium size FESTIVAL in coming January on our mountain! There will be lots of music, lots of dancing and people coming from all around the world. We already have our own in house Avraham Tal that will be organizing the artistic side. If ever was a time to come check out our place – this will be it!