Sarai Gerber

My name is Sarai and I love our life on this earth of ours so much.
I believe in the good, and in the unconditional love. This is my vision for our community. A generation of light is beginning its path, reconnected at a mutual intersection. A community that sprung out of pure being, which aspires for good and yearns for liberty, for smiles, joy, and creation… we invite you.

Nimrod Gerber

I’ve come to realize that within this long-lived race we sometimes forget the simplicity of loving ourselves and others, along with mother nature’s embrace when we are connected. 

I see this project as the creation of a better place, a center which would draw people to it from all over the world. People who want to leave the race behind, connect to simplicity and live joyfully and love.

Tal Dinur

A psychology and business management student.

A loving, communal life by the blue sea would mean my dreams fulfilled, my heart expanded, and my world changed. Costa Rica’s nature is so magical and powerful. Each day I am grateful for this unique opportunity to take part in this project.

Life is a gift. May we live them joyfully and lovingly.

Dimitri Rachelin

A barefoot child of the sea, who loves life and wants to live them at their most simple and positive. I enjoy the fact that our community sends light and kindness towards the environment.

Siger Arroyo Campos

Lives in Vanilla. Has been working with us at the village for a year. Manage the work in the filed. 
He is the heart of Beija Flor village


Herzel Hazan

A visionary driven by the creation of residential areas of social value. Herzl has a fascinating life story in which he gained rich experience in projects that combine values, community and art.


Amara arrived to Costa Rica 23 years ago and founded with other friend’s the Pacha Mama Eco Village, a beautiful ecological community and transformation center located next to San Juanillo. He is a breathwork therapist and meditation facilitator and leads workshops of awareness and personal development. 
Amara loves the Guanacaste lifestyle of surfing, wellbeing, and connection to nature that’s why he has chosen to make this place
his home.

Avraham Tal

An Israeli singer, musician, and musical producer.

Only when you are here you can truly understand the significance.

We can bring an altogether different reality into our lives.

“Paradise is Here.” 

“Everything wants to happen, and benefit you.”

Ania Maor

A mother of (tiny) two.

I envision my children running carefree, connected to nature, connected to themselves, to their compassionate, human, loving and accepting sides. In a liberated place without the pressure, the intensity and outside of the power-struggle race which is the modern world..

A space where we can return to our innermost origins.

Ray Maor

High-Tech entrepreneur, Influencer, Development Coach, Author, and Artist.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


Omer Laniado

Married to Hadas and a father to Jonathan and Neil.

An educator with a B.A. in HR Management and an owner of two surfing schools – one in Beit Yanai beach, and the other in Neurim Beach at Emek Hefer.

I see this project as an opportunity to create a diverse community of people who want to live their lives a little differently. Values, education, nature, and mainly love for each other and for the planet. 

Hadas Karmon

Married to Omer and a mother to Jonathan and Neil.

A photographer with an M.A. in Therapy and Art.

I seek a simple life with an embracing community which is connected to nature. I see this project an opportunity to realize this hope and live and raise children in a peaceful environment that is rooted in our earth.

Yotam Rofe

B.A. Marine Biology, a skipper and owner (together with Omer) of the Galim surfing school at Beit Yanai and Neurim.

Believes in simplicity and kindness

Yaeli Wertheimer

A masseuse and reflexologist. 

I genuinely love people and nature and believe in connecting body and soul. I see the community as a way of life and as a solid ground for fulfilling my dreams.

Breiner Alberto Arroyo Loria

Lives in Perez zeledon. Siger’s son.
The next generation is also a part of our beautiful creation.


Wainer Gerardo (Cuca)

Lives in Vanilla. Joined us few months ago and brought with him a lot of love and lightness to the village.

He is responsible of all the human resoures and together with Siger they are managing the work and maintenance in the village